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Virtual Tour Property

Virtual Tour Property

We offer interactive 360° Virtual Tour Property

  • Viewable in real 360° (including ceiling/sky and floor/ground).

  • HTML5 & Flash format for you to upload/embed in your website. You can also use this HTML file to view the virtual tour locally on your computer using any web browser.

  • Mobile friendly; 100% viewable on all iOS devices like iPhone/iPad as well as Android devices or any high-end smartphones/tablets.

  • Includes the high-resolution panorama picture in jpeg/tiff format, this is the unwrapped equirectangular picture before processing for virtual tour.

  • Hosting of the virtual tour files on our website server so you can just send a link to anyone for online viewing instead of sending them the actual files or having to pay for your own server space.


What is 360 Degrees Virtual Tour Property?

Interactive Virtual Tour Property has been in the market for quite some time. However this technology has not been widely used in Today’s Singapore property market.

Why is that so? There are basically two main reasons as below:-


Most Services charge a premium for professional photography services. v360property brings the cost barrier down to slightly more than the cost of a newspaper classified ad as we understand from an agent’s standpoint on minimizing cost.


Virtual tour services has been around on the market for a few years but they are mostly offered by freelance photographers. What professionals need is a company that understands the marketing perspective from a property agent or interior designer standpoint.

Our virtual tours offer value to property agents by being able to feature on the country’s top 3 portals, PropertyGuru, SRX and STProperty.

For Interior Designers, we are working out a way for you to showcase your virtual tour on portals as well.

Lack Of Knowledge

The market has a lack of knowledge on this technology and how it can help generate business. It is also not widely available so the general public may not have heard of it’s benefits.


Why use Virtual Tours as advertising tools?

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1)     Virtual tours bring the property to life right in front of the computer. It allows buyers to view the house anytime, anywhere as long as the buyers have a desktop, laptop, iPad or handphone. It gives buyers the experience of viewing the house without having to be physically present at the house. By doing so, buyers can view more houses as compared to having to be there physically on the ground. Buyers can narrow their choices and shortlist the houses they really want to view before arranging an appointment with the marketing agent. This will in turn generate into more potential calls/viewings for the agent as the buyers have already viewed the place virtually, hence reducing unnecessary live tours. Therefore increase the agent’s chance of closing the deal.

2)     View without disturbing the existing tenant. Very often we may have experience with Sellers wanting to sell their property with existing tenancy. However the Tenant may not be very cooperative and may not even want to entertain viewing very frequently. So we just give up the chance of selling? Or we try selling using floor plan as what we normally do for new condo launch? In fact floor plan for resale property will not be effective as the investors/buyers are still keen to check out the actual layout or condition of the house. Therefore Virtual Tour will come in handy for such situation.

3)     Virtual Tours are available 24/7 from any location. This is useful for overseas investors who do not have the luxury of time and space to travel down to physically view the houses. And in cases whereby your Sellers are frequently travelling overseas and viewing appointments are very hard to establish, that is where Virtual Tour will come in handy as it will still allow the buyers to view the house virtually even in the absence of actual viewing.

4)     In the current challenging market, it is even more important as a property agent to brand yourselves different from the rest. As said earlier on, Virtual Tour is a very powerful marketing/advertising tool and yet it has not been widely used by many agents due to COST factor. With such a reasonable good rate that we are offering you, you can use Virtual Tour as one of your marketing tool to impress your potential sellers and increase your chance of securing another exclusive deal.

Why engage us?

1) We pride ourselves to capture high resolution images for the purpose of Virtual Tour so as to give viewers a good interactive experience.

2) We fully understand property agent’s needs and requirements as we, ourselves are property agents too

3) We provide user friendly virtual solution to our clients at very competitive rate and in fact we offer one of the cheapest rate in the market.

4) We understand that marketing cost is always a very important consideration for property agents. Therefore we allow agents to come together to share the Virtual Tour package and in fact we strongly encourage this approach as we do factor in attractive discount for agents who take up packages with us.

5) Our virtual tour can work seamlessly on PropertyGuru or your own personal agent website.


1)    Virtual tours bring your work to life right in front of the computer. It allows your potential client to view your work anywhere as long as they have access to a desktop, laptop, iPad or handphone. In a virtual tour, your potential client can pan and zoom in on the quality of your work and is also a stronger assurance that the work done is genuinely yours as pictures can be proliferated easily from anywhere but not a virtual tour.

2)     Do your presentation anywhere. Very often you may have to do an impromptu presentation outside your showroom. Not a problem if you have an Ipad or smartphone. Impress your potential clients by bringing them through virtual tours of the houses you have done up. You could very well seal the deal on the spot!

3)     Virtual Tours save you the hassle of disturbing clients. It is common that your potential clients may ask for live samples of the work you have done to assess your workmanship and quality. By offering an interactive virtual tour of the past works you have done, you need not bother your past clients to allow you to use their homes as samples.

4)     Keep your works forever. There is no time limit or expiry for virtual tours. Do it once and keep it as your portfolio until the end of your career. An interactive and comprehensive portfolio is for sure a more impressive and memorable one than plain static pictures.

5)     Give your client a memento to keep. Their house looks the best when its brand new, uncluttered and just completed. It most probably would not be when they move in. A keepsake to look back on few years down the road not only serves to remember the state when it was ready to move in, it also serves to remind them of you and recommend their friends to you.

Why engage us?

1) We offer the most competitive rate in today’s market. Start-ups and new designers in the I.D. Industry will find our rates more easy to absorb.

2) We are the only providers that offer packages for I.D. industry. Save even more by taking up our packages which are valid for a year.

3) We can work with your web provider to integrate the virtual tour into your corporate website seamlessly.


1)     Showcase your property to your target audience. Whether its a Spa, Hospitality Suites, Fitness Centre, Showroom, use virtual tour to show your property at its pristine best to attract more business. Our virtual tour can be hosted on your corporate website in full splendor alongside wide angle shots which we also do for our clients. The virtual tour can be seen on any mobile device such as Ipads or smartphones.

2)    Using Virtual Tour in the Corporate world. Need to show someone higher up in the organization halfway around the world of the facility over here? How about impressing global investors to invest in your company? A virtual tour gives a full 100% accurate account of the situation. Your entire production line or corporate office can be scrutinized just like you are live at the scene.

Why engage us?

1) We are professional and we understand how to dress up your facility/property to look the best in the virtual tour.

2) We can work with your web provider to integrate the virtual tour into your corporate website seamlessly.
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