Price Plans

V360Property Virtual Tour Price Plans make it affordable for real estate and I.D. professionals with our very competitive pricing. V360Property is also the first virtual tour provider in the industry to offer virtual tour packages that offer significant savings for professionals like yourself!


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* Effective 1st January 2016

** All Listed Prices are before Discount

*** We have consolidated our prices for Property Agents/Agencies and Interior Designers. For other corporate entities, please email us for a quotation. Corporate VTs include Hotels, Production Facilities, etc. The cost will vary according to your requirements, but typically will cost higher than what is shown here due to higher resolution and quality given.

Below is a list of customizable components which you can request for to integrate into your virtual tour:

1) Skin template
2) Floor Plan with hotspots
3) Site Plan/Map with hotspots
4) Background music
5) Downloadable file (e.g. E-brochure)
6) Links (e.g. To company website)
7) Playable Video or Fly-Through within VT
8) Picture Files (e.g. Artiste Impressions or Logo)
9) Hotspots with text to introduce product

Other additional services that you can request:

1) Overseas on-site location shoot (We will quote base on man-hours)
2) Conversion of Virtual Tour to Google Cardboard Friendly Devices
3) 3D drawings conversion to Virtual Tour

**** Auto-Upload of virtual tour to SRX listing + STProperty (Upcoming) for SRX Subscribers, Embed links will be given for self upload to other portals or personal website.