Frequently Asked Questions & Answers On Virtual Tour

How long does it take to get the Virtual Tour ready for my client’s house?

Answer: You just need to make an appointment with us to go down your client’s house to take photographs and it will take around 1-2 working days processing time to get your Virtual Tours scenes ready.


Question: Do I need to install 3rd party software in order to view the Virtual Tour? Any compatibility or OS issue to view the Virtual Tour?

Answer: There is no additional cost for you to purchase 3rd party software to view the Virtual Tour. It will be in the form of HTML5 format for you to embed in your website. You can also use this HTML file to view the Virtual Tour locally on your computer using any web browser. It’s very mobile friendly, 100% viewable on any iOS devices like iPhone/iPad and Android devices or tablets.


Question: How long does it take for your photographers to conduct their work on the premises?

Answer: It will take approximately between 30mins to 1hr depending on the number of Virtual Tour Scenes and the services you require.


Question: I understand that your package is bundled into 5 Properties (up to 25 scenes) or 10 Properties (Up to 50 scenes) but I don’t require so many scenes. Can I share a package with my teammates?

Answer: Yes we allow property agents to come together to share the Virtual Tour package and in fact we strongly encourage this approach as we do factor in attractive discount for agents who take up new packages or recurring packages with us. Do check out our pricing for more details.


Question: What necessary steps are needed to be taken prior to the photographer coming to the property?

Answer: It is important to dress up the house 30mins before our Virtual Tour specialist/photographer reached the house. Additional charges for loss of time or delay may be required depending on the severity.


Question: Will furniture or objects need to be moved during the photo shoot?

Answer: At times we may need some furniture or objects to be moved in order to get the best possible shooting condition. If furniture or objects need to be moved, we will request it to be moved by you to avoid any liabilities issue.


Question: Is Virtual Tour Playable On Social Media such as Facebook?

Answer: Yes. Our Virtual Tour is playable on Facebook. You can view some samples from our facebook page. Our virtual tour can also be shared with your facebook friends.

Besides Facebook, users can also share our virtual tour directly on other social media platforms such as Linkedin, Twitter and Goggle+


Question: Can I Embed Virtual Tour into my website or property portal account?

Answer: Yes. Our Virtual Tour can be embedded into your website or Property Portal such as PropertyGuru, SRX, STProperty and The EdgeProperty. The Virtual Tour will then play directly from your listing. Hosting of the file is done at our end and is completely free for our users. Embed code will be provided for all our customers.